Having the latest technology on hand can vastly improve your safety as a cyclist, as well as your enjoyment of riding. Cycling apps are constantly being updated and refined so that you can more easily track your route, time and speed metrics, road safety and fitness.

Below we’ve covered off four popular apps that will get you pumped to ride.

1. Map My Ride

There are many great mapping apps but this one has the advantage of being completely free! On it you can track your route, speed, elevation and distance. Voice prompts are helpful and you can play music in the background. The app automatically stops if you’ve stopped, so it’s excellent for accurate tracking. Unfortunately it’s unavailable for offline tracking, but it is available on both iPhone and Android.

2. Trainer Road

If you’re in training and want to monitor your fitness and need to create a fitness plan then Trainer Road is a great partner. The app allows you to set and follow your own personalised training and performance programme. Heavily curated training sessions, training log history and a myriad of workouts will ensure you are at your peak in no time. This app is all about enjoying training as well as enjoying riding, and features the popular “Ask a Cycling Coach” podcast.

3. Fulgaz Video Cycling

When you can’t get outside because of the weather, this is the app for you. It allows you to virtually experience hundreds of stunning rides where you can race or train in locations across the world. You can even race your friends! A range of training plans and workouts are available also, designed by WorldTour coaches and Olympic athletes. There’s a free 14-day trial so you can try before you buy.

4. Great Rides App

Created by New Zealand rider Gary Patterson, Great Rides App is the only mobile app to feature all 22 of New Zealand’s Great Ride Trails. The app encompasses 1500 pages of maps, fly-thru videos, trail descriptions and photos. All of the details around bike hire, shuttles food and accommodation are also there. The app also has offline tracking using mobile GPS which means once you download a trail it works offline, so you won’t need mobile coverage. The App is free and available on iPhone and android.